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Frequently Asked Questions

When you come in for the first time, we will ask some questions to get a complete picture of your lifestyle and nutrition pattern. We can only give an appropriate nutrition advice after reviewing your dietary pattern.

We will start with;
1) Your personal data

2) Lifestyle, your goals, mindset and important aspects to consider. Our goal is to maintain the quality of your life as much as possible!

3) We will review your diet and then give our advice. Together we will look for the best solution for you. We will later write out the advice and send it to you. Together with the dietitian you will discuss which barriers and obstacles you want to overcome. Together we will look at what a realistic end goal is to work towards.

4) Then we will do the body measurements such as; weight, fat percentage, muscle mass and waist.

5) Of course we will also make a follow-up appointment with you to see how you are doing, where the bottlenecks are, difficulties etc. A helping hand is the most important core to realize your goal!

Approximately 2 weeks after the intake, you will have a follow-up consultation, in which you will be supported to achieve your final goal. You will receive information about the practical application of the diet, such as shopping and preparing food. Difficult situations, such as going out for dinner, parties and holidays will also be discussed. Your own input, questions and motivation are very important to reach the desired final goal.

A dietitian is the specialist in nutrition and health, they can help you with all your food questions. You can visit the dietitians at Diëtistenpraktijk Samen Sterk for guidance in weight loss, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, food allergies and underweight. The dietitians will look at your eating pattern, personal circumstances and wishes and then create a tailored nutritional advice that is feasible and maintains the quality of life.

Yes, at Samen Sterk we have specialized dietitians where we can also provide optimal advice to your child(ren).

Because a dietitian is specialized in the weight-loss process that fits your body type and lifestyle. They can explain to you concretely what to eat, how much and which foods will help you to reach your goal faster. Additionally, a dietitian can create a tailored diet plan that is easy to follow without feeling like you are on a ‘diet’. 

The reason why many people don’t succeed when working on their own is because they don’t know their body type and follow general advice which doesn’t fit their body and lifestyle!